Emerging Advisors

Start Your Career in Financial Advising

Are you just starting your career in the financial industry? Our firm is always looking for eager, driven individuals to join our team as financial advisors. We offer extensive training and support to help you build the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to make a career change, we’re excited to help you take the next step in your journey.

Experienced Advisors

Achieve Your Professional Goals with Our Firm

Are you an experienced financial advisor looking for a new opportunity? Our firm is always looking for experienced professionals to join our team. We offer competitive compensation, ongoing training, and a supportive work environment. We are committed to helping you grow your business and achieve your professional goals. Apply today and take the next step in your career with us!


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Strategic Alliances

Leveraging Partnerships for Business Growth

Forming a strategic alliance can be a smart way to grow your business while retaining your identity and autonomy. By partnering with a company that shares your values and goals, you can leverage their resources and expertise to achieve your objectives more quickly and efficiently.


Discretely connect with our senior leadership by reaching out to Kelly at

Benefits of partnering with Touchstone Wealth

World-Class Digital Tools

Trying to do any job with inadequate tools is a recipe for frustration. With Touchstone Wealth, you’ll gain access to a proven digital ecosystem of tools that will help streamline and automate workflows, improve client experience, allow for better data analysis, enhance security, and save costs.

Seamless Transition

We provide a smooth transition so that you retain clients, minimize disruption, and maintain relationships. Additionally, streamlined operations will enable improved profitability and efficiency. Not only that, but access to new resources can enhance your offerings to clients and improve your competitive position in your market.

Maximized Branding

You’ll help your business look and feel better than ever with our professional branding, including web, print, and design services that reflect the business you’ve worked hard to build. You’ll gain access to branding that will enhance credibility and brand recognition. A professional brand will also enable growth by attracting new clients and increasing client loyalty so that you can build a strong reputation to achieve long-term success.

Succession Planning

You spend the majority of your time carefully planning for your clients’ future, and you deserve the same thoughtful approach to your own practice’s future. We can help you navigate your succession plan – from helping to identify potential successors to developing a transition plan, training and mentoring successors, and communicating the plan to clients, employees and partners. You’ll enjoy a smoother transition while maintaining trust and continuity.

Continuing Education

Gain access to valuable continuing financial education and training resources for you and your employees. Our educational program distills years of experience into actionable insights that will help you improve effectiveness, increase profitability, and stay up to date on the latest industry trends without the boring Powerpoint presentations. You’ll leverage the experience of other successful practices to help you avoid mistakes and focus on priorities that will grow your business.

Operational Support

Administrative overhead can bog down your business to the point where you spend more time on administrative operations than serving clients. We provide operational support for everything from compliance to contracting so that you can focus on what you got into business for in the first place. You’ll rest easier knowing that you have a team behind you helping you be administratively sound so that you can be more in tune to your clients’ needs.